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November 16, 2017





Today and yesterday I have been home nursing some sort of cold. It’s been a bummer to miss a few days of work, but it’s been nice to see my house during the day! And to spend the days with Effie. To me, that girl is therapy, so being around her during the day makes me the happiest.

This is what the front corner of our home looks like. The house is starting to come together. Little pieces here and there making it feel more and more like home.

Today I put new bedding on the guest room bed, and hung curtain rods. Little touches like that are helping this house feel like home. Plus, I get to see my husband everyday in this house. So worth the move across the state.

Anyway, back to work tomorrow and then on to the weekend. I hope it’s fabulous for you. I’m in the process of figuring out a schedule for posting on here, as life looks a bit different than it used to. But I’ll figure it out, like everything else I do.

XO thanks for reading along.


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