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podcast love – ELISE GETS CRAFTY

December 14, 2017

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a big fan of podcasts. I’ve shared a slew of my favorites here and here. They are my go to in the car, and even when I’m at home doing normal tasks. I find that I can absorb some inspiration throughout my day.

One of the first podcasts I ever listened to was Elise Gets Crafty and it is still hands down my favorite and most listened to podcast. Something I love about this show is the quick episodes that are digestible. Nothing too intense, plus it is always uplifting and always encouraging. Basically, after an episode of Elise Gets Crafty you’ll want to head to your art studio and get to work.

I wanted to share here some of my favorite episodes of Elise Gets Crafty. Ones that I find have inspired me and put an extra spark in my day. I have learned so much from these episodes, new things about wholesale, small business, and creativity in general. I’m always excited to download the newest episode each Wednesday. There are many of them, but I’ve narrowed it down to 10 episodes.

top 10 ELISE GETS CRAFTY episodes

episode 84 – on turning a dream into realityย 

In this episode, Elise chats with Michelle Ramirez who opened shop Passport Habits. It’s so good. I’ve listened to it over and over and pull different things from it each time. Michelle started an amazingly unique shop in Ventura, California selling products sourced from her travels around the world and how she turned her dream into actually running a brick and mortar shop.

episode 127 – on continuing to dream big

A follow up episode with Michelle Ramirez. It’s just as good as the first.

episode 134 – quick take: on launching an ecourse

Elise here gives insight on how to successfully create and launch an ecourse. She recently did this with her Encouraging Creative Kids class, it put so many ideas in my head on things I could teach. She is so thoughtful with each of her products and it is so clear here.

episode 125 – completing the 100 day project

I always love when Allie Lehman is on the show. I follow her and her husband (plus their business, The Wonder Jam) on instagram. Each year, Elise and Alie both do extremely clever and cool 100 Day Projects, including 100 pep talks, 100 days of plants on fabric, 100 days of styling, and 100 days of painting. SO COOL. They talk through the process and the ups and downs of the 100 Day Project.

episode 122 – on trying something new

I loooove Young House Love and was so excited to see this episode pop into my podcast app featuring John and Sherry Petersik. Fun fact, on our drive home from North Carolina a few months back, we were driving past Cape Charles and I made Mark make a quick detour to drive by their sweet beach houses in person! I am not ashamed of this. But anyway, this episode talks of creative burnout and taking things in a new direction. I completely related to that.

episode 104 – on starting slow

As someone who loves to sew, but hasn’t really dabbled too much into clothing, this episode blew my socks off. Pyne & Smith Clothiers makes such gorgeous basics and in this episode, Elise speaks to Joanna, the woman behind it. Her story inspires me and I officially want to make a dress of my own (or just buy one of hers). The thought she puts into design and fabric makes me want to support her brand. You should too.

episode 92 – on running a brick and mortar shop

I just recently relistened to this Elise Gets Crafty episode on the train into the city. Moorea Seal is such a fantastic example of a shop owner and creative woman. She makes such gorgeous jewelry and runs a gorgeous shop in Seattle as well as online. I look up to her lots.

episode 82 – on taking creative risksย 

A Beautiful Mess is a design and creative fiend. Elise’s chat with Emma Chapman, one of the sisters behind the brand, covers why being bold made their business what it is today: one with several books, rental properties, a restaurant, multiple apps, and such immense reach at the same time.

episode 66 – working on, not just in your business

This chat with Alie Edwards is the best. I LOVE what she is about and how her business is reflected onto her life and vice versa. She’s such a beautiful example of a mother and a business owner and a storyteller. I’d be friends with her if I could.

episode 63 – on quittingย 

Last but not least is this episode with Elise on the value of quitting. Guys, THIS.

So there you go! Lots of Elise Gets Crafty episodes to download and listen to. If you are a big podcast listener, please be sure to share some of your favorites!