podcast i’m loving

October 31, 2017

a while back I shared some favorite podcasts, and I’m happy to report I’m still on the podcast train. most days, you can find me listening to at least one show. I look forward to them every single day. With my favorites, I know the day they come out and you can find me refreshing my feed until they pop up.



AT HOME WITH // this is a newer find of mine. I have followed both anna and lily on youtube and instagram for quite sometime, and i love their sweet friendship. i adore this podcast and getting a peak (via audio) into people’s homes. it is really interesting to hear anna and lily’s banter as well as amazing guests they feature.


YOUNG HOUSE LOVE // young house love is just the best. john and sherry are some of my home design inspiration. they make diy projects look fun and exciting. i learn new things from every episode. i haven’t missed an episode.


UNQUALIFIED // i adore anna faris and think she is just a hoot. i also love her ‘unqualified’ advice! i think she is very thoughtful with her advice and makes everyone feel like they are so important. she’s one of my favorite celebs.


HAPPY HOUR WITH JAMIE IVEY // jamie ivey just has the most amazing conversations with amazing women. i can’t recommend this one enough and always tell friends to listen to it.


OFF THE VINE // this is my favorite podcast to listen to when I don’t want to learn anything, but want to listen to something. kaitlyn is hilarious and as someone who loves to hate the bachelor, it is highly entertaining.


CHRIS LOVES JULIA // of all the podcasts i listen to, i look forward to this one the most. chris and julia from the chris loves julia blog, plus their host make me laugh so hard. it’s the perfect balance between humor and learning things about home improvement. i love their taste in design and strangely find all of their voices so relaxing!


ELISE GETS CRAFTY // elise inspires me with every podcast episode. i even love her quick several minute ones where she just chats. but right now, she is talking to all sorts of makers every week about running small businesses and selling things online. she’s so cool and i’m such a fan.

so that’s my current favorites! this is always changing, but i’d love to know what your favorite podcasts are!