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November 10, 2017

It’s friday! It also marks my first week at work coming to completion! It feels good to have made it through my first week, but I am also anxiously awaiting my weekend adventures with my husband.

So many things have happened this week! One, we painted our bedroom, the hallway, office, and guest bedroom. It’s like we are moving into our house! We are beginning the process of moving our belongings back upstairs and starting to move into our house.

Also, we recently got a slow cooker! I am beginning to collect delicious and warm recipes to make through the wintertime, as we are both working full time, and there is less time to prep dinner! If you have any yummy recipes to share, I’d appreciate it.

This weekend, we are heading to Miami to celebrate some friends getting married. So fun! It’s going to be a very quick trip.

Now onto some fun things I’ve been loving around the web recently:

Really inspired by John and Sherry of Young House Love lately. THEIR BEACH HOUSE MAKES ME SO HAPPY.

Also design related is Chris Loves Julia’s pinterest has been a great resource of mine.

I’m in the market for some new boots as I’m walking quite a bit commuting to work, and need some new boots that will last me some time. These, these and these caught my attention.

I love this aqua metal clock!

I got us an amazing piece of art from Katie Koenig. She’s a Pittsburgh girl and I am blown away by her talent. Can’t wait to display it in my house!

I’m looking for wreaths and love this and this.

Has anyone been listening to Dirty John? We are hooked! I have been recommending it for everyone!

That’s all friends. Have the best weekend!