2017 in review

December 31, 2017

Happy New Years Eve!

This time of year always makes me super reflective on the past year, as I’m sure it does to you too. I love that. I love thinking about what each month brought and how it has affected me and it makes me curious about what each month of the next year will bring. I thought that in the spirit of New Years I could go back month by month through the past year and list the high (and low) points.


January was a month of highs and lows. I celebrated my 23rd birthday. We found out my parents were splitting up. Mark and I decided to get married in february 2017 instead of january 2018. We moved into our first place together. It was exciting and life altering. It was a month of self evaluating and a month full of tears, but also some amazing memories with Mark and my siblings.


Ah, the month we got married. We were surrounded by our family members and married quietly in Pittsburgh. We spent the last few days of february and into early march on our honeymoon in Belize.


I taught myself how to embroider and it rocked the next few months of my life. It got me back into creating actively and there is now a huge place in my heart for that art.


Mark was back from sea and we spent lots of time together, cooking, antique shopping, roasting coffee beans and enjoying each other’s company in our new little home.


In May we headed to Portugal and Spain for a family vacation with Mark’s family. My brother and sister in law live in the south of Spain, so we spent a few days in Lisbon, Portugal before meeting them in Spain for a few days. It was wonderful.


My sweet brother graduated from high school this month. I was so proud of him and it was SO MUCH FUN celebrating him for a few days with family in town.


This was the month I fell in love with video! I began working hard making videos for my youtube channel and had so much fun working a new creative muscle. This was also the month Mark got really into baking bread, so we were well fed this month.


August was the month my mama was diagnosed with breast cancer and it was a tough month. This was also a period after Mark left his job in order to start a different lifestyle. We were hoping to stay in Pittsburgh but got an opportunity in Philadelphia and were torn, especially due to my mom’s recent diagnosis.


The month we moved to Philadelphia! We moved at the end of September with two loaded cars and an english mastiff. We moved into an airbnb for 3 weeks while we were house hunting. This was also the month we were under contract on our house.


The month we became homeowners. It was a stressful period! So stressful actually! But we moved into our home on October 20. That night, we drove back to Pittsburgh, packed up our moving van and brought out all our belongings that weekend. We also refinished our floors this month and I got to hand out Halloween candy to cuties in our neighborhood for the first time!


In November, I started and left the same job! I should go more into this in another post because I feel like there are other people who may feel this way too, and I should open up about it. It was also the month we celebrated Thanksgiving home with our families. Our lives were shaken this month when four of my family members were killed in a drunk driving accident. I got a flight to California the next day and spent the week after Thanksgiving with family in Northern California.


The m0nth we celebrated our first Christmas together as married folks. We were in the midst of planning our wedding reception party for January 2018. We mourned the loss of Mark’s uncle to pancreatic cancer. We embarked on a new endeavor that I will outline more in the next week.

Friends, it was a crazy year. It hurt a lot, but it also stretched me to levels of strength I didn’t know I could stretch to. I’m a better person, a stronger person, and hopefully a kinder person because of this year.

Happy New Year, loves. Wishing you health and happiness in 2018.

  • Amanda
    January 2, 2018 at 9:43 am

    Wow! What a year! High highs and low lows. I can’t believe you taught yourself embroidery in March and are already so insanely good at it!

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